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Mission & Vision

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Our Vision: To transform hearts, minds and communities through the power of symphonic music.

Our Mission: Great Performances for greater audiences.

The Kansas City Symphony will achieve this mission by:

  • Developing an uncompromising performance standard.
  • Advancing the profile and value of the orchestra locally, nationally and internationally.
  • Developing the financial resources to allow the orchestra to thrive today and tomorrow.
  • Creating an internal culture that stimulates effective relationships within and between board, staff, and musicians.
  • Developing audiences and partnerships that allow the orchestra to thrive today and tomorrow.

Our Values are: Excellence, Trust, and Respect.

We are dedicated to becoming a more trustworthy organization, meeting or exceeding the expectations we set for the Kansas City Symphony internally and externally. Our core values of excellence and respect are the foundation of this trust.

Commitment to excellence reminds us that we value:

  • Accountability - for what we say we will do and what others depend on us to do
  • Communication - that is proactive, thoughtful, direct, regular - essential to everything we undertake together
  • Clarity - to assure mutual understanding and shared direction, while honoring differences
  • Responsibility - for realizing our individual capacity and our mutual success
  • Reliability - delivering our best work no matter the task
  • Flexibility
  • Creativity

Commitment to respect reminds us that we value:

  • Recognition - for effort, contribution or achievement
  • Decision-making - participatory, invites and weighs input from all concerned parties
  • Courtesy - in the ways we speak and listen to each other
  • Candor - a hallmark of professional and personal integrity
  • Inclusiveness - thereby inviting more growth, change, and vigor
  • Responsiveness to our Communities - internal and external


The above mission of the Kansas City Symphony is pursued through a five-point strategy:

  • Musical Excellence: performing live symphony music with a passion for excellence
  • Outreach: engaging our community and serving the region through music
  • Education: educating and inspiring people of all ages and backgrounds through music
  • Human Potential: forging a true partnership that elicits the best from musicians, staff, board members, volunteers, and supporters
  • Financial stability: optimizing the financial performance of the institution.