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Maria Crosby, Cello

Maria Crosby has performed on stages across the United States, Canada, Germany, France, Lithuania, Armenia, Greece, Russia, Japan and Brazil, and has participated in many orchestral and chamber music festivals, including the Aegean Verdi Festival, the Schleswig Holstein Musik Festival, the Pacific Music Festival, the Banff Chamber Music Residency, the Recontres Franco-américaines de Musique de Chambre, the Pine Mountain Music Festival, and Summerfest in Kansas City. Ms. Crosby received her Bachelors from Depaul University in Chicago, and her Masters from the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. She joined the Kansas City Symphony in 2012, and lives in Brookside with her husband, KC Symphony clarinetist John Klinghammer, their dog Leo, and their magnificently fluffy cat Wuss Puss.

Ten questions about me:

If you're new to Kansas City, tell us your favorite discovery about the city.

3 words: Betty. Rae's. Ice cream.

If you were to give advice to a young person who would want to follow your path, what would you say?

Find yourself a really exceptional teacher, and surround yourself with musicians that are better than you.

What is the one item you must have on a desert island?

Cake. And pie. Can I just be inclusive and go with "dessert?"

What do you consider your greatest musical accomplishment?

Winning the audition for this job! Orchestra jobs are very hard to come by - the competition is intense, and the audition process is grueling and highly stressful. So I am very pleased and extremely grateful to have landed a spot in such a great orchestra.

Which composer would you most like to have dinner with? And what would you serve or where would you eat?

I'd take Beethoven out for a schnitzel and a cup of 60-bean coffee.

How did you choose your instrument?

I originally told my mother I wanted to play the violin like my two older brothers. But luckily, after having one violin lesson, I came to my senses and asked for a cello instead.

If you weren't a professional musician, what occupation would you choose?

I would want to be an acrobat in Cirque du Soleil. (Note: I have zero acrobatic ability. That is pure wishful imagining.)

When you were young, did you enjoy practicing?

Nope. I am super perfectionistic and impatient by nature, so I really struggled with practicing as a kid. I wanted to be able to play perfectly instantly without having to work at it, and well... that just isn’t how it works. So many of my practice sessions back then ended in tears and a lot of stomping around. They still do sometimes!

What quality do you most admire in others?

Good humor

When did you know you wanted to be a professional musician?

I have the feeling that I always just kind of knew I would be a musician when I grew up. I don’t recall ever making a conscious choice about it.